Deep Trouble

In the twelfth chapter of John, Jesus takes a second to focus on God in verse twenty-eight, and the LORD responded by speaking from Heaven.

Jesus says, “Father, glorify Your Name!”

The Father answers, “I have glorified it before, and I will do it again.”

Many times this is preached as an awesome moment in Jesus time on this earth – which it is – but, I want to focus on what God said in response to Jesus.

Jesus cried out to God asking Him to glorify His name, and God said that He would. What does that mean, for God to glorify His name?

Let’s start with why Jesus said this. The reason Jesus said it was He was troubled in His soul – His mind, will, and emotions. We often think of “fear” when we think of “troubled”, but it really just means agitated.

Another place you’ll see troubled and it not be connected to an aspect of fear in the Bible is in John chapter five. That’s the story of Jesus healing the man at the Pool of Bethesda. The context given is that an Angel of God would come and trouble the water and whichever sick person could get in the water first would be healed of whatever was wrong with them. It does not say that everyone could see the Angel coming down from Heaven. It does not say to what degree the water was disturbed. It just says that the calmness of the water would start to change to a status of troubled and everyone would know, This is it! – Get in the water to get healed!

When you see the word “troubled” in the Bible, think of moving water. When something is troubled, it just means that it’s current state is changing, and doing so in an aggressive manner. Something small like rubbing a cat’s fur the wrong direction, and something big like rushing water overflowing the banks of a river.

Jesus was “troubled” because there was a shift coming closer and closer and He could feel it. The change of His purpose and path from being our Example to being our Substitute was right around the corner, and His soul – His mind, will, and emotions – was not a fan of the coming change. We see in the seventeenth chapter of John that His personal will was to have God change His mind about how to redeem humanity. I’m sure He actively put thoughts of the literal hell He would endure out of His mind, and I am willing to bet it was a task to put His own emotions down as He did.

The way that Jesus dealt with this “trouble” was to shift focus from Himself and the thoughts of the burden He was to bear to the glory His Father was going to get from His faithful service.

These verses in the Common English Version have Jesus saying, “Now I am deeply troubled, and I don’t know what to say. But I must not ask my father to keep me from this time of suffering. In fact, i came into the world to suffer. So Father, bring glory to Yourself.” A voice from heaven ten said, “I have already brought glory to Myself, and I will do it again!”

When Jesus told God, I’m focused on You! Get Your glory!
God said, Done and done, Son.

These verses jumped out at me because whenever I’m troubled, this is what I do: I put effort into focusing on God and His Glory and His Kingdom and getting my focus off of my problem and my issues and discomfort and my thoughts and fears. And whenever I do that, this is what God tells me: I’ve been good to you before and I’ll be good to you again.

When you see the words “glory” or “glorify” in the Bible, I want you to replace it with “good” or “good-ify”. Think do good for or make look good. The first time God is pressed to show His glory, He says that He’ll show His Goodness, so that means His Glory and His Goodness are the same.

If it’s good, it glorifies God; if it’s glorious, it sure is good.

How many times God has made good on this promise to Jesus is innumerable. He’s been so good to me time after time.

This is one of those verses i’ll reference when I’m praising God or praying out my future. I’ll say, God, You promised You’d glorify Your name and You’ve done it again and again. LORD, do it again! And I’ll just run with it.

God said that He’d make good on His name again just like He has done before, and I hold Him to it! When I’m troubled, I know a change is occurring and I use my mouth to profess my trust in the LORD and His Love and Good Plan for my life.

The next time you’re troubled and there’s a shaking or shift coming to you, make the time to remember how many times God has been good to you and how much of His glory He has shown you.

Then give Him praise and glory for it!

He’ll do it again!

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