The Way of the Heart

What does God want?

There are a lot of answers to that question. Even those who say they believe in Him find it hard to agree exactly what God wants from us. That’s why we should all study the Bible for ourselves when looking for answers about God.

In studying the Bible, we find God values some things, and He despises other things. Proverbs says God sees some things as abominable, and the author of Hebrews shows us how can God be pleased with us. But what object could we possibly possess that God would want?

One of my favorite pieces of the Bible to dig into are the specific statements John the Revelator recorded in his version of the Gospel. Jesus said “I AM…” seven times, and He did this to connect Himself with the aspects of God everyone listening at the time knew of and showcase the aspects of God that make Him worth getting to know intimately. Probably the most famous of those statements is found in John chapter fourteen. In response to a question about trusting Him, He said, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me.” Jesus was saying He is the Way to God, the Truth about God, and Life with God – a pathway, a knowledge base, and a standard of living. I want to focus on the pathway for now, because that answers our original question: what does God want from us?

Jesus started that conversation about trust by talking about their hearts. He told them initially to “not let your heart be troubled”, specifically because they ought to use their hearts to trust Him. When asked to explain what He was getting at, Jesus did not change the subject. He shored up what His initial point was: the state of your heart is crucial.


Because that’s what God wants: your heart.

In the sixth chapter of Matthew, Jesus touches on how to handle money. He says to invest in things that God says are important and good, but not because God wants your money. He could have said something in relation to the Old Testament’s statement about stealing from God, and how they should make sure God’s endeavors on earth are funded, but He didn’t. That’s not what God wants. God does not want fancy buildings, He wants your heart. God does not want your money, He wants your heart. How the believer ought to handle their money is an important subject, but it is a product of an even more important subject: the state of your heart.

Why is your heart so important? Why does God want your heart? A person’s heart is the core of their being. Your heart is important because it is you. The reason God wants your heart more than anything is because at the core of it all, God wants you. Everything else is window dressing.

The Bible says that you life comes from your heart. God wants to be involved in every area of your life, and His plan to get involved in every area is to go through your heart. Jesus said that He knocks at the door of our hearts. Though this can be used in evangelism, He was talking specifically to believers. That means we can believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be going to heaven, but lack Jesus in our life. If you need more areas of your life to be effected by Jesus, start with your heart. Ask Jesus to enter your heart. That might sound odd to people who grew up in church and got saved when they were kids, but if the Lord said we need to actively invite Him into our hearts even after receiving salvation, then we better get to it.

Think of your heart as a road, leading to different areas of your life. God wants to be able to travel that road so that He can be involved in every area of your life. And that road is a two-way street. When Jesus says “I AM the Way”, He’s saying that when we move to get closer to God and when He moves to get closer to us, it’s done by way of the heart – by travelling through your heart.

If you want God involved in your marriage or dating life, check you heart.

If you want Jesus to be evident in your career, check your heart.

If you want Jesus to touch your body and heal you, check your heart.

If you want God’s blessing in your finances, check your heart.

If you want God to be more real to you throughout your everyday life, check your heart.

It can be a cliche, but it’s the truth. Be honest, and be aware that Jesus is not going to go into a heart that doesn’t invite Him in. He won’t travel roads that He is not permitted to travel on. So take inventory today, and open the door of your heart to Jesus.

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