The Truth of the Matter

When coming to a conclusion about something proves difficult, it’s common to say “Well, the fact of the matter is…” in order to cut through any emotional fluff that has made the issue seem more complicated than it originally did. Saying this is an attempt to shift the focus of the conversation from various variables to something that should take precedent in the conversation. Though this is a valid statement, and vital to finding reasonable solutions to problems in life, for Christians, it can be backwards.

The Bible told us that issues and problems would come to us in life. Like storms form over the ocean: it’s just natural. The Bible also tells us that no matter what comes against us, we are victorious. This is because the fact of the matter may be one thing, but the Truth of the matter is another, and that Truth is in our favor. Facts can change, but truths cannot. When the facts are stacked against you, you need to rely on the Truth that is on your side. Jesus said “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” The Bible says that God’s Word is God’s Truth, that Jesus is God’s Word and He never changes; that God stays within the boundaries of His Word, and that the Word is as close to us as our mouth is. That means that the “fact of the matter” is temporary, but the “Truth of the matter” is constant. Whenever the facts are against you, turn to the Truth to get you through and you will come out on top.

However, to do this, you have to know the Truth. You have to know what the Bible says. The facts may say you have cancer, but what does the Truth say? The fact may be that your marriage is falling apart, and you spend more time stressed and depressed than you do joyful and positive, but what does the Truth say? The fact may be that you struggle with an addiction, and your financial situation is dire, but what does the Truth say?

If you believe in Christ, and you live your life based on the facts, you are living a lie. In order to live your True life – your Real life – you must know what the Word says, and you must know it for yourself. The Truth of any matter is what God says about it, and hearing it from someone else is not acceptable. Luke tells a story in his second letter to Theophilus about a group of brothers who try and take on the devil based on someone else’s knowledge of the Word. The story ends with the devil humiliating the brothers, but not before pointing out what they lacked: their own relationship with the Truth. The same thing will happen to you when the forces of darkness come against you, unless you yourself know the Truth – what the Word says.

I don’t care how you get the Bible in you (video streaming, audio book, blog posts on RWM, etc.), but you must do it. You need to be full of the Bible the way a sponge fills with water: whenever pressure is applied to it, what’s inside spills out. If you don’t have the Word inside you, you will take on a lot of pressure and no Word will come out – even if you are a born again believer!

The truth is that God is not in control of everything. He is sovereign, and He made the sovereign decision to give us reign over our own selves. Jesus said that if we knew the Truth, it would set us free, but we have to choose for ourselves to know the Truth. Our Father has given us bread to eat and mouths to eat it with, but He is not going to make us eat. He has given us His Word, and hearts for us to plant it in, but Jesus simply knocks at the door. He does not break the door down.

In every area of your life, you are free to choose. This is true freedom. In every situation, you choose between the Truth or a lie, and the only way to know the difference is to read your Bible. So, if there are facts in your life that contradict the Truth of God’s Word, stand on His Word.

Stand in defiance to the facts, because the Truth of the matter is what the Bible says it is.

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