The Faith Life

I think many people don’t understand what faith is. There are many studies from both religious and secular sources that try to finish the sentence: “Faith is…” People who don’t believe in anything say faith is a crutch, and people who say they believe treat it like a grocery list. They’re both wrong. Faith is not simply a noun that can be defined – or confined – by someone’s vocabulary. For a Christian, faith is hardly a noun at all. If Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, faith is a verb. It’s what you do and how you act. Faith is a way of life.

The Bible tells us multiple times that we who are justified are to live by faith. That is not a suggestion. It is a command. If you’ve accepted Jesus’ offer for redemption, you are justified by God and are both able to and responsible to live by faith.

“But what does that mean?”

It means faith is how you live. Faith is your way of life – your method of living. Living by faith means that your faith should be the identifying factor in your life. Your life of faith is your reality. Your faith life is your real life.

For example, when someone asks you about your faith, don’t quote a pastor or a book or even a scripture. Instead, tell them about your life. Tell them about the time God healed your body, or set you free from an addition. Tell them about when He worked a financial miracle for you or gave you wisdom and a breakthrough in your marriage. Tell them about how His peace allows you to sleep at night and His favor shines all throughout your business.

If you can’t say for sure that you are living by faith, check yourself. Ask if you choose God’s word over your paycheck’s word. Do you choose God’s word over the doctor’s word? How about your bank account? What about those thoughts that run through your mind about how worthless you are, or the thoughts that keep you up afraid at night? And that urge to get high is really strong isn’t it? If you are not choosing God over what is contrary to Him in any situation, you’re not living by faith in that area of your life.

Make no mistake, if you are a Christian, in every situation you only have two choices: God’s way or another way.

“Oh, it’s that simple, huh?”


And your faith is what makes it possible to choose God’s way. This is why the Bible says you “shall live by faith.” Let me say, too, that “shall” is a word lost on many people due to our modern language. When you see “shall” in the Bible coming from God, think of it as an equal sign. Eight plus six equals five plus nine. Four plus ten equals seven multiplied by two. The just equals living by faith. Living the life of faith equals real believers. Being a Christian equals living by faith, and living by faith is more than a creed or list of beliefs or going to church on Sunday. Living by faith means constantly making choices that line up with the Word of God, because that’s where faith comes from in the first place.

If you need more faith in your life, go to His word. This is your life we’re talking about, not anyone else’s, so only you can make the decision to live your Faith Life or not. Cut out the middleman and open your Bible yourself and read it out loud for you to hear. You can start anywhere at anytime, but only you can start.

Start simple: determine to read one chapter from your Bible every day, and highlight or underline something that stood out to you. If you need a little help or guidance, reach out to us here at Risen Word. Reach out to someone at your church and ask them if there’s someone who can help you be held accountable for reading your Bible faithfully.

Faithfully reading your Bible is where your Faith Life starts, so read God’s word every day.

Your life depends on it.

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