The Truth of the Matter

If you believe in Christ, and you live your life based on the facts, you are living a lie.

The Way of the Heart

God wants to be involved in every area of your life, and His plan to get involved in every area is to go through your heart.

Are Tongues for Today’s Christian?

I can put a demand on the devil to get out of the way and let go of whatever he has been holding back from me.

Shine That Light!

There is something greater than facts, and that is Truth. When facts and Truth collide, the Truth will overrun the facts.

Practice Makes Perfect

If we move out of GOD’s will – if we don’t run the play He called – we will not achieve our goal of His will in our lives. He called that play for a reason, and the rest of the team is moving to complete that particular play. If you don’t run in line with that play, that’s on you, not GOD.