Mosquito Net

How is Your Mosquito Net?

Mosquito netting has a definite purpose.  It is to keep the inhabitant (those inside the netting) safe from mosquitos and other bugs that want to attack.  If a person lives in an area with extreme bug activity and doesn’t have the luxury of air conditioning, the protective netting is essential for safe, comfortable sleep.

Believers have a spiritual netting that surrounds them all the time.  It is the Word of God. Just as the user of the netting is responsible for the condition (and ultimately, the effectiveness) of his netting, so is the believer responsible for the condition of his spiritual netting.

The Word is present and available but if a believer does not have faith in it or does not speak the Word, there will be holes and tears in that netting. Those holes allow the devil access into your life, just like holes in a natural netting allows mosquitos access to your body. If you patch or fix the natural netting, access is denied. If the believer will trust God’s Word, put that Word in his mouth and be consistent, access will be denied to the devil.

Understand that God is not responsible for using His Word to protect your life and circumstances.

You are!

Find the scripture that speaks to your issue. Speak that Word over your life and into your circumstance and do it in faith.  It will work and you’ll have a hole-free mosquito netting that keeps all of the pests away.

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