Our God is a God of miracles. He is willing and able to do miraculous things. For example, He saved your eternal soul from eternal damnation when He gave you eternal life. That is the greatest miracle anyone will ever receive: salvation.

However, just because you allowed Jesus to come into your heart and make you alive in Him does not mean that life is going to be easy from here on out. Jesus never said that eternal life meant easy life. Actually, He said the opposite. He said that we would have troubles in this life. The Bible tells us several times that we would go through dark days and hard times. It also says that He would be there with us going through it all.

Risen Word Ministries wants your life to elevate higher and higher as your walk closer and closer with Jesus. We want you to live the Risen Life.

The question is though, What does that look like?

The answer is: Jesus. It looks like Jesus. The life of someone who is relying on Jesus is similar to the life Jesus lived while He was on the Earth.

Because you believe in Jesus, the Bible calls you an heir of salvation. When you invite Jesus into your life, your life changes. Some believers, though, don’t always see the changes they want to see. Sometimes, the effects of having Jesus as your LORD and Savior don’t always show up as quickly as you might expect.

There are two goals that Jesus set for us to achieve: love God and love people. It can be a bit cliche but only because it is true. Most people can agree that loving God and loving people are very important in the life of the believer. What people often have a hard time agreeing on is how to get those things done.

The best way to get this done in your life is to answer the following questions:

Are you reading and studying your Bible on a regular basis?

Are you confident in your ability to pray to God and receive answers to your prayers?

Are you an active member of the Body of Christ?

Can you grow in any of the areas of your life mentioned above?

If you answered “no” to any of those three core questions or you are willing to admit you can rise higher in any of those areas, click below to learn how you can make changes in your life and begin to RISE.

How To Hear From GOD

How To Talk To GOD

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