Risen Word Ministries is dedicated to seeing the Body of Christ grow and thrive. The Body of Christ is how God shines His glorious light throughout this dark world.

You can join Risen Word in this mission to see the Body of Christ RISE by partnering with our James Initiative, or you can make a purchase from the Risen Word Store and sharing the Risen Word brand and mission wherever you go.

The James Initiative International

Risen Word Ministries is moving to fill a void in the Body of Christ with The James Initiative International.

The Word of God is the centerpiece of Risen Word Ministries. The Bible instructs every believer to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When it comes to sharing the Gospel, you can only fall into one of two categories: Goers and Senders. You are either called to Go and share the Gospel of Jesus with the lost and help them grow in the things of God, or you are called to help others Go by Sending them on their way. The best way to fulfill your role as a Sender is by making sure the Goer is not lacking the necessary finances to Go and fulfill their call.

The disconnect most people have when pursuing their God-given call in relation to sharing the Gospel is that they don’t have anywhere outside of the four walls of their church to give. Many people don’t have Goers around them to Send, so God’s call on that aspect of their life goes unanswered. Risen Word Ministries is changing this reality with The James Initiative International.

Risen Word will stay connected to believers who are going into all the world and help them advertise their trips on various platforms. This will allow believers to be a part of evangelistic missions world-wide, year-round by Sending the Goers. Moreover, this will allow you to connect with what God is doing outside of your church.

By giving to The James Initiative, you will be stepping outside of your sphere of influence and into God’s sphere of influence.

Gifts to RWM and The James Initiative are not tax deductible.