Daily Bible Reading

The most vital component of a life spent pursuing Jesus Christ is reading the Word of God. In it, God expresses Himself and communicates His will to us.

Risen Word Ministries understands that the task of reading and comprehending the Bible can be daunting. Misunderstanding of the Word can hinder us from continuing to read. Preconceived ideas about God and Jesus can taint our Bible reading.

If you’ve thought to yourself, I want to start reading the Bible more, or you’ve said that you wish you knew where to start, then follow along here. The Risen Word Bible Reading Plan will allow you to join right where are – both in the world and in life – and begin to experience Jesus for yourself. Find a translation of the Bible that is written in a language style that doesn’t annoy you and is similar to you style of speech. Once you have a Bible translation chosen, follow the steps below and follow RWM with the Risen Reading Plan.

Step One: Start following the Risen Bible Plan at the beginning. You’ll see the plan laid out below. Each Book of the Bible has a particular context. Reading along with the Risen Reading Plan through the Bible will help you solidify your understanding of the Word of God and build a foundation to grow your life on.

Step Two: Don’t stop no matter what. Even if you miss a day – or a week – pick up where you left off. Some chapters can be longer than others, but determine to read a chapter every day and push through. You’ll have a greater understanding of the Bible because you read it yourself and you’ll be stronger for it.

Start by Reading Luke

Day 1: Luke 1
Day 2: Luke 2
Day 3: Luke 3
Day 4: Luke 4
Day 5: Luke 5
Day 6: Luke 6