Ask Big

I have heard it said many times that we are the ones who limit God because we do not ask “big”. We ask for too little. Our readiness to receive controls the flow of provision at the time the answer comes. When God comes with His answer to our prayer, He brings what we have asked for, but He also brings what He knows we need or will need in the near future.

Let’s look at 2 Kings 4:1-7. This is the story of the woman whose husband died leaving her in debt. The creditors were coming to take her two sons, making them slaves, to work off the debt. When this woman appealed to Elisha, the man of God, Elisha asked her what she had in her house. Her answer was, “Thine handmaid hath not anything in the house, save a pot of oil.” That is what the King James Version says.  The Moffatt Translation uses the word “flask” of oil. She had very little oil. Elisha’s answer to her was to borrow vessels, containers, and plenty of them. She and her sons were to shut themselves in the house and start pouring the oil she had into those containers.

Look at verse 6: “when the vessels had been filled, she said to her boy, “Bring another.” He said to her, “There is not one more.” Whereupon the oil stopped flowing.” The only reason the oil stopped coming out of that pot or flask was because there were no more containers. The oil would have been wasted if it kept coming out. When she told the man of God, he told her to pay off her debts, and then she and her sons were to live off the rest of the proceeds. You can be sure that this woman and her sons were not the only family in that neighborhood that was in debt. Why did Elisha tell her to “shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons, and shall pour…”? He knew that when her neighbors saw she was taken care of they would want money from her. If she would have had more vessels, containers, she would have been in a position to deliver her neighborhood from poverty. She had asked the man of God to solve her problems. God was ready to solve her problem and those of her neighbors. As it turned out, the man of God sees that she has enough for her and her sons, but not the neighborhood.

I’ve been guilty of saying, “God, I don’t ask for much, just enough to pay the bills and feed my family. That is all I need, God.” My wife and I do not say that foolish prayer anymore.

We want to be a blessing. We cannot be a blessing with “just enough for us”. We are open to receiving His abundant supply! Then we are able to be a blessing to others.

In Luke 5:1-9, we see the story of Jesus preaching by the Lake of Gennesaret and asking to borrow Peter’s boat because the people were crowding Him. After preaching Jesus tells Peter to launch into the deep and cast the nets for a great catch. Peter tells Him that they fished all night and caught nothing, but that at His request he will cast the net. The Lord told him to cast nets and Peter decided to cast just one. When Peter saw the tremendous amount of fish they pulled into the boat the Bible says in verse 8 that Peter fell at the knees of Jesus and begged Him to leave him because he was a sinner.

Why did Peter not fall at the feet of Jesus?

Why did Peter not fall and grasp the ankles or calves of Jesus?

Peter fell at the knees of Jesus because the Lord Jesus was standing amidst a stack of fish that covered that boat at least as high as His knees. I am convinced that if that boat would have sunk with Jesus and the net full of fish, once under water not one fish would have swam out of that net.


Jesus, The Creator of everything that exists, had called those fish to get in the net and they obeyed!

Peter controlled the amount of fish they caught by the amount of nets he provided, and in this instance he provided only one. I can assure you that there were thousands of fish swimming around that boat. They were all looking for a net to swim into. The Lord Jesus had said, “Fish! Come! Get into the net now!” They heard and obeyed. Peter and his partners could not be a blessing to others that day because they put a control on the amount of provision from the Lord.

Our God is the God of Abundance. He wants us to be a blessing to others.

When you think you have “too much”, ask God what He wants you do with it. He will tell you. We serve, El Shaddai, the God of Plenty.

When your answer comes, “use it to live on” and then go bless someone else with some of what you received. 

It if is money, buy something for someone, pay for a tank of gas in their car, do something for someone. Prov. 19:17 says “He who cares for the poor is lending to the Eternal, and for his kindness he shall be repaid.” (James Moffatt Translation)

Once you receive your healing, go pray over a sick person!

Freely you receive, now freely give.

Go be a blessing!

Johnny Munoz wrote this in December 2004.

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