Angels All Around

Angels are powerful beings, and we are so blessed of God to have them at our disposal and command. All born-again children of God have angels at their disposal, but not everyone knows how to command them, or are even aware that we must command them if they are to help us here on the earth. 

Heb.1:14 in the King James tells us that “angels are all ministering spirits [spirits that help] on behalf of those [us] who will inherit salvation.” 

The James Moffatt Translation of Heb.1:14 says, “Are not all angels merely spirits in the divine service, commissioned for the benefit of those who are to inherit salvation?” WOW! It doesn’t get any clearer than that. What are angels and why are they here. They are spirits – spirit is stronger than flesh – that are to help us, those who believe in Jesus.

If angels are here on the earth to help Christians, why do so many bad things happen to Christians? 

Angels can only help us when we speak God’s Word. When we speak God’s Word, we are agreeing with what God says about us or about a circumstance. Angels hear our words, but they are actually associating that with God’s voice and they move on our behalf. 

Let me show you that out of scripture. Psalm 103:20-22 says, “Bless the Eternal, O his angels, ye strong spirits who obey his word. Bless the Eternal, all his hosts, ye servants who carry out his will.  Bless the Eternal, all his works in every sphere of his dominion” (James Moffatt Translation). They obey His Word.

God is in Heaven and Jesus is up there on the Throne, so who is down here on the earth where the angels are waiting to hear His Words?  

We are!

When I speak God’s Word, I am agreeing with God. The angels are hearing my voice, and yet they are hearing God’s Word so they move on my behalf. Angels just sit helplessly, unable to help us, if we continue to say, “I’m sick. I am broke. I’m in trouble and I do not see how I am going to be okay this time. I must be living with a curse, my life is jinxed.” Angels cannot help us with that going in their ears. 

The Holy Ghost told me a few years back that angels are the greatest unemployed workforce in the universe. I once heard a lady testify that she had seen a giant man sitting in a chair in her room when she awoke one night. As she awoke she focused her eyes on him and then the man disappeared. She asked the Lord, “Lord what was that?” The Lord answered her, “That is your angel. He has nothing to do and he is bored stiff.”

Angels are at our disposal and command. Why did that angel have nothing to do? Why was he bored? He was unemployed. The lady, by not speaking God’s word over her life, was not assigning him any duties.         Today, let’s decide to utilize our angels. Let’s get into God’s Word and see what we have “in Christ” and let’s start getting back some of that stuff that the Devil has stolen from us. Let’s thank God for the angels that He has assigned to us.  Let’s give Him glory and praise the Name of Jesus, the Savior, and our soon coming King!

Johnny wrote this in March of 2007.

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