Risen Word Ministries is the product of the dreams and visions God set in the Munoz family generations ago. Johnny Munoz began Risen Word so that he could share God’s glory in his life with others. Risen Word Ministries is dedicated to emulating the image that God put in them of what True Ministry is in this world. Risen Word Ministries is a website where you can find a simple understanding of the Bible, and practical teaching on Godly living.


Risen Word Ministries is here to propagate the Way, the Truth, and the Life contained in the Word of GOD by developing Heart, Responsibility, and Faith. Christ’s body was not found in a tomb, and it is not found in a building with a cross on it. The body of Christ is found all over the world, wherever people believe on Him. Risen Word Ministries wants to grow the body of Christ. All believers are the body of Christ, and we want to grow with you, our fellow-believers. The aim we have with Risen Word Ministries is to further the Word of GOD wherever we can. We seek to plant the Word in your life and water the Word in your life, and give all the glory to GOD as He increases your life. GOD made His Word more valuable than His Name, and He operates inside of that Word. 


Risen Word Ministries knows that being Godly requires maintaining a pure heart, taking responsibility, and growing in faithAll issues that we face in life can be categorized in three dynamic categories: heart, responsibility, and faith. The real life concept of character is built on these three blocks: heart, responsibility, and faith. Heart issues affect every person on the planet. Every person on the planet has a degree of responsibility they must take. And without faith, not a single person on the planet can fulfill GOD’s will. Your character is what makes you who you are. The content you find at Risen Word Ministries will encourage you to grasp these truths and use them to your advantage and the furtherance of GOD’s kingdom.


The Munoz family is behind Risen Word Ministries. Johnny Munoz began Risen Word Ministries as a medium through which he could share Jesus with people. He wrote messages and teachings as he studied the Bible to always be prepared to minister at short notice, but soon found the internet to be a viable option. He built a website so that he could share his heart with a bigger audience and called his new work Risen Word Ministries. Johnny was born in East Bernard, Texas in 1948. He married Virdeen Jantz in 1986. His son, Ethan, was born in 1993 and his daughter, Erin, was born in 2000. Johnny died in 2012 after a series of strokes. Behind Risen Word Ministries is his wife, children, and Ethan’s wife, Hayley.

Who is Johnny Munoz?

When Johnny Munoz accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, he sold out to Jesus. His whole life was dedicated to Jesus. When he started a family, he started it with Christ at the center. As life went on, he walked by faith and his family grew in faith because of it. When Johnny coined Risen Word Ministries, he did not pursue charitable status and donations, but simply a platform from which he could preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and teach the Word of God. God’s grace had been so dynamic throughout Johnny’s life and he decided to put his hand to the plow and share Jesus. He would preach the Goodness of God to anyone, anytime, anyplace. Johnny ministered anywhere he could. From church small group functions to hospital rooms, from the county jail and halfway houses to funeral homes. Johnny would introduce people to Jesus Christ in restaurants, at gas stations and department store parking lots. When he learned he could use the internet to shine God’s light inside him, he jumped at the chance and bought the domain. When he went to be with the Lord in 2012, the start-up ministry he birthed faded, but God stirred his family to pick up the mantle and grow Risen Word Ministries again. His family continues what he started and moves toward the visions GOD has set in them.

It is an honor to serve the Lord in this life, and humbling to be continuing Johnny’s legacy. You will find his writings noted on the posts page. We also have a category dedicated to his pieces.


Now that you’ve found this website, and you know a little bit about us, read the blog posts. We don’t study the Word of GOD and then hide what we’ve learned. We want to share it. As you let us share with you, think about what we’re communicating to you. Take what you get from Risen Word Ministries to heart and allow GOD’s Word to resonate with your soul. 

We would love to have dialogue with you. Reach out to us using the email on this page, because when you do, you help Risen Word Ministries improve.